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China gas Oversea, Huiteng gas has gone abroad

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In order to meet the international market demand, Hunan Huiteng Gas Co., Ltd. started its international business with Guangdong Nengcheng Gas Co., Ltd. in 2021.

Acting in accordance with the trend and demonstrating excellence

Facing the new situation and moving towards a new journey, We will focus on playing four strategic roles which are the national team in implementing national strategies, the front-runner in practicing China gas’s development strategy, the driving force in promoting industrial revolution, and the leader in enhancing global cooperation.

With practical actions to prove its outstanding performance, Huiteng has been involved in international business since 2021, and we adheres to its global vision and actively contributes to the "gas power" in the process of promoting the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road" and the construction of the community of human destiny in a deep and practical manner.

A holistic approach with a vision for a better future

As the main body responsible for the operation, management, guarantee and supervision of the overseas business of Huiteng Gas, it will fully organize and implement the overseas priority development strategy, comprehensively coordinate the overseas business and market layout, comprehensively coordinate the overseas brand building and high-end marketing, comprehensively strengthen the overseas risk control and compliance system construction, and become the strategic control centre, resource integration centre, performance evaluation centre. 

Huiteng has built up a "1+2+N+X" international business management structure of "one body + two wings + backbone enterprises + potential enterprises" to promote priority, quality and synergistic development of overseas business. Among them, "1" refers to Huiteng Gas which is the main body responsible for overseas development and management; "2" refers to Two Wings which is, Huiteng as the strategic core point and Nengcheng as the production support; "N" refers to the development of a group of backbone enterprises in the international business department of Huiteng Gas to carry out international business; "X" refers to enterprises which can be nurtured to become the driving force of international business in the future.



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