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Gas Quotes in June

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June was hot, just like the hot gas industry. The investment enthusiasm was unabated and the gas entity investment exceeds RMB 5 billion in June.

The total investment in new/planned projects in China's gas industry exceeded RMB 5 billion this month. These include the landing of Legend Holdings' first electronic special gas and lithium project with a total investment of approximately RMB 410 million; the commencement of the Yichang, Hubei Province project with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tonnes of electronic gases with a total investment of RMB 2.16 billion; the landing of a RMB 100 million rare gas project in Daishan, Zhejiang Province; the signing of the Project Admission Agreement between Kemet Gas and Yueyang Green Chemical High-tech Zone, including a helium-neon-krypton-xenon plant and an electronic special gas plant with a proposed investment of RMB 1.27 billion; and Linde Zibo Phase II Air Separation Project with a total planned investment of approximately RMB500 million; Entegris innovative gas solutions localisation upgraded again.

Anhui Wanrui Cold Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Jingbian Xingyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. signed a technical transformation project contract for liquefied natural gas extraction of helium, and signed a technical transformation of liquefied natural gas BOG low-temperature production of high-purity helium with Ningxia Xinkeyuan Energy Utilization Co., Ltd. and the R&D cooperation project contract; the third phase of Inner Mongolia Wanrui Natural Gas Co., Ltd. with a daily processing capacity of 1 million cubic meters and BOG helium extraction project was officially launched. 

China Gas Investment (Tangshan) Phase II began to purchase and build an air separation plant with a production capacity of 60,000 standard cubic meters per hour; Hangyang signed an 80,000-level air separation project in Uzbekistan; Shandong Rongxin Group Co., Ltd. built a new KDON40000/80000 air separation plant Announcement of sub-projects; the parent company of a Sichuan gas island project intends to sell 51% of the equity.

Finance and Performance

On June 14, Messer released its financial results for 2021, with total sales of 3.5 billion euros. China's sales increased by 13.4%, mainly driven by strong demand from liquid customers; KMT signed two rare gas orders in succession, and rare gas sales in the first half of 2022 exceeded 65 million yuan; on June 24, CSSC (Handan) The IPO of Perry Special Gas Co., Ltd. on the Science and Technology Innovation Board was accepted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, raising 1.6 billion yuan; The 55th meeting reviewed and approved, the fundraising was 1.5 billion yuan; Qinfeng Gas or the parent company financially supported 295 million yuan; Hangyang Co., Ltd. provided the subsidiary with a loan over 200 million yuan project, and increased the capital of another subsidiary by 1.6 100 million yuan; WISCO Gas Special Gas Workshop's first car of high-purity neon long tubes worth 27.52 million yuan was successfully delivered.



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