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A Glance of Worldwide Gas Enterprises

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At present, there are 8 large gas companies in the world which are Air Liquide in France, Linde Refrigeration Machinery Manufacturing in Germany, Air Products and Chemicals Inc (APCI) in the United States, Praxair Practical Gases Ltd in the United States, Messer in Germany, Oxygen Corporation (Acid Sul) in Japan, Oxygen Corporation (BOC) in the United Kingdom and AGA in Sweden.

The main listed companies among Chinese gas companies are Hangyang, Jinhong Gas, Huate Gas, Heyuan Gas, Lanzhou Yulong, Sichuan Qiaoyuan and Kemet Gas.

As far as the China gas market is concerned, the world's top 8 gas companies hold 60% of the market, especially in air separation liquids where they play an absolutely dominant role. In addition, the market share of special gases such as electronic special gases and ultra-high purity gases, which are used in LED, wafer foundry, fibre optic pre-fabricated rod, solar cell wafer and TFT-LCD industries, is also over 60%. There are also many other outstanding private enterprises in China, such as Yuejia Gases, DAT Gases, Huiteng Gases and Sichuan Zhongce etc.

Hunan Huiteng Gas Co., Ltd. is a well-known gas company in China, which started to develop its overseas market in 2021 from the export of N2O Gas to other products such as electronic gases, high-purity gases, isotope gases, cylinders and related gas ancillary equipment.

China's gas industry has a long way to go, and outstanding Chinese enterprises should unite to help each other and reduce vicious competition, so as to help the construction of the gas industry.



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