Cream charger user manual

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cream charger user manual, introduces the cream charger application scenarios and use steps

Whipped cream chargers application:

restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, coffee shop equipment, bakery equipment, western food shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, Chinese food shop equipment, leisure food factory equipment.

The steps are as follows:

1. Prepare light cream, cream whippers, cream cartridges or 0.95L cream chargers

2. Pour the ingredients directly into the whipper. Fit the whipper with a whipped cream catridge. Alternatively, fit a pressure regulating valve to a 0.95L cylinder, tighten the valve and connect the other end to the cream dispenser, open the pressure regulating valve on the outlet, adjust to a pressure of 2~3Bar, inflate for about 10~15 seconds, turn off the pressure regulating valve and unscrew the end with the cream dispenser.

3. Shake up and down about 10 times, you're basically done when you feel the liquid inside start to solidify.

4. Squeeze the whipped cream onto a plate or cup.

Extended information.

Tips for whipped cream

The Purpose of placing ice cubes in the bottom of the container is to keep the whipped cream cold to aid whipped,especially in hot summer,and frictional heat is also generated during whipped,so it is important to use ice cubes to cool it down so that the whipped cream does not melt due to the heat. But this can be omitted in winter.


2. 60% Whipping

After a few minutes of mixing in the same direction with a hand-held mixer, the cream will have puffed up to twice its original volume and will have loosened to a thick, runny consistency, which is known as a 60% consistency, suitable for mousse, ice cream and other desserts.


3. 90% Whipping

Use Ice cube

If the cream is whipped manually, it requires a lot of strength and endurance to reach the 90% whipping, because the cream will become thicker and harder, and the volume will also increase, and finally it will become completely solid, if you use a spatula to scrape the whipping cream, it will not flow at all.